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Taking Iboga is a most challenging experience

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I have to thank Michelle and Iboga World for doing, with competence and courage, this amazing job: making Iboga abvailable to everyone.
Everyone can have a deep spiritual experience and acquire life changing awarenesses.
Taking Iboga is a most challenging experience but a most rewarding one, a real turning point experience.
It heals deeply and slowly but surely.
In comparison with Ayahuasca, a great Master Plant, we could say: “Ayahuasca gives helps, substancial helps. Iboga heals.”
I am very grateful and honoured to get in touch with this Spirit. I might not repeat the session, but I surely will take some microdoses to continue with the learning and the healing in some intensive way.
After two months, I still feel connected with the Spirit and I will always be.

Medicine for changing my life

Michelle i want to say thank you so much.
It went well. I will definitely recommend you and your site.
You have been so helpful to me and so many others.
You are truly an amazing human being.
Thank you so much.
And such a great thanks to this wonderful medicine for changing my life.
it lasted approximately 4 hours. But it took me about 2 days for the Iboga to leave my system.
There were some very powerful visions. One where I met the Buddha, who instructed me to live life to the fullest,
to never lie, to always be kind to others, to be patient and understanding, and to be driven in a vision to make people happy.

although the iboga was physically draining, emotionally it was a great experience.
It changed my life. You changed my life.
You are a saint.

Iboga root can give absolutely astonishing results if taken properly

I only take micro dose iboga root alone at home,in the dark (1/2 teaspoon) once per day.

This by far gives me the best journey,and the best results in seeing

and dealing with addictions,and i not just talking about physical addictions to drugs,

but the emotional addictions,junk food,emotional outbursts,and reacting or being affected by a negative thought process.

Iboga root can give absolutely astonishing results if taken properly


I first took iboga root on 21st june this year.

Sine then,i now eat a healthy diet,and hardly any junk food.

My negative emotional outbursts have gone.

And have stopped smoking tobacco,and the amazing thing that happened when i stopped

smoking was that i did not have any withdrawal symptoms! the iboga was awesome in dealing

with an addiction i had for 30 years!


Thank you Michelle and Iboga World ūüôā

Kindest regards


Heroin Addiction Ibogaine

Michelle and Ibogaworld team, I want to send my sincere thanks for your expert advice and high quality ibogaine ta. After a heroin addiction for two years, I was put on methadone 80mg daily. I took that for almost a year and a half, and decided that daily methadone is as addictive and as bad as the heroin was for me. I had done Ibogaine in Mexico for the heroin addiction which I later found out that I was undertreated. I had been dealing with post acute withdrawal from the methadone, after two months of a daily struggle, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I decided to order ibogaine from Ibogaworld. Any relief would have been great. But my expectations were surpassed. I am sleeping thru the night, no more chills, sweats, fatigue, anxiety. I am so happy that it seems to have really done what Ibogaine is said to do. My sincere thanks to Michelle and the team at Ibogaworld for being legit and most helpful thru this process. I would highly recommend them to anyone suffering from addiction and or PAWS.
Jeff R

Iboga Testimonial Aby

Hi Michelle.

I bought some Iboga from you last year but have only just completed my journey this weekend.¬† I was looking for spiritual enlightenment and my purpose in life and the lessons I got were extremely detailed and very vivid. I was shown something called “The Plan of Life” which explained everything about why we are here, what we need to do and how we can grow.¬† What I learned in 24 hours I can fill in two books!¬† I am thinking of writing a book on this because I believe it’s something everyone should experience, it gives you a complete understanding of everything.¬† I have no fears or phobias anymore. I have no routines or habits, I can choose to do what I want, I am a blank canvass waiting to be drawn upon,


Iboga Treatment

I took 2,4 TA per your directions and started tripping after about 45 minutes. My heartbeat was fast, I started hearing didgeridoos/drums and got some random memories. My body started feeling very heavy and ultra-sensitive, every little movement felt very big. I’m going through different slices of memories, little clips. I see tunnels, people‚Äôs faces, my grandparents‚Äô house. I get to see 5 different situations where I’m a ‘miss know it all’, that got the message across ;-). I see my spiritual master floating by and he has a very mischievous smile on his face, I can feel so much joy radiating from him and when he is almost out of side he winks at me. I start laughing and laughing…my body is moving and i have to stop, my heartbeat is super-fast because of the movement but I feel good. Within the laughing I felt myself, my essence, my inner pure child. I see creativity, endless creativity, endless possibilities of endless combinations, just an enormous output of creation, all the different animals and it looks like a fountain of colorful stuff just pouring and pouring…it’s the nature of the universe.

At one point my friend comes in to check on me and she says: “your mother is here”. I get totally confused and expect my mother to turn her head around the door. (my mother is 81 and has not been in my place because I live on the 3th floor and she can’t walk up the stairs). I really thought she was there and I thought, shit, this is not a good moment for her to visit me. It took a long time to realize my friend meant her mothering role.
At one point (after few hours) I move my hand and open my eyes a bit. A gecko jumps on my forearm. I look at it and wonder where it came from, it looks very real, I have my eyes open and see the wall of my bedroom and the gecko and I think how weird, never knew I have geckos in this house.

During the whole time I am aware and can rest in this awareness and enjoy the ride. I’m very aware also of my intention to heal and keep my focus on it.

After about 5 hours I suddenly feel some discomfort in my gut, I throw up very easy and just keep tripping. I vomit twice more over the next couple of hours.

At one point the tripping kind of stops and it becomes empty. I’m resting in this emptiness. It takes forever. I wonder at some point when the next phase will kick in. I feel more and more clear and empty. It gets a bit boring. I want more and invite more. Nothing. At one point I must have fallen asleep.

Next day I get up, I’m still having major difficulty with walking but feel clear in my head. I go for a pee and back to bed for a few hours. Then I get up again and stay up. I’m very thirsty. I still feel a little but am out of the trip. This is about 20 hours after I took my first dose. I’m wondering why it’s so quick. Now, 55 hours after the first dose, I feel totally normal.
My feet feel very grounded, i feel good.

Thanks again for your support!

Working with this beautiful spirit in my life


Thank you for making this possible!
You guys are awesome!

I am very happy with your customer service and delivery of the product.

Your source is good quality, much gratitude to you and the Iboga World team. You are all a blessing =.)

I know I will be working with this beautiful spirit in my life, so I look forward to my future journeys when the time is right.

With Love & Light,

Iboga experiences Linda

Hello To All of You,

I am sorry that I have not contacted you earlier. I dd my iboga in August and I wanted to tell you all about it. It was one of the most beautiful and scary experiences that I have ever had. I am so glad that I did it. It took away my constant craving for cocaine and it showed me why I had made the choices that I have made and a wealth of information like that.

I think that you are wonderful for providing this service. I am forever thankful to you.

I’m attaching a photo of me that was taken a few weeks ago.

I’m almost 57 now. I believe it was Michelle, that helped me so much with my order.

I hope I have her name right! Give her my love.



Iboga Treatment Pam

I would like to express my gratitude to the people at IbogaWorld for providing me with the opportunity to utilize¬† the incredible iboga shrub in my quest to be released from addiction to opiates. I had used opiates every day for 7 years and made 3 serious attempts to break away from the addiction. I tried the “cold turkey” approach twice, I tried a medically assisted detox with suboxone which didn’t take either. I had been investigating iboga and was fortunate enough to find Ibogaworld which not only helped me obtain quality iboga but assisted me with appropriate dosage. I am grateful to say that I have not returned to opiate addiction since my “treatment” almost two¬† years ago. I have total confidence in the people at IbogaWorld.


Pam –

My Experiences with IW

HI Michelle

Its been six days now since my ibo flood,the following is an account of my experiences with IW,the drug itself and my reflections one week later.
I am 48 yrs old a heavey cocaine nicotine addict,i would also drink quite a bit to try to “come down”iused cocaine for -26 years¬† iburnt my life to the ground several times,I also contracted hep c and hiv 15 years ago the fact that i have lived this long is nothing short of a miracle.
I had attended  about 15 shorterm treatment centers over 26 years with little or no sucess
three years ago iwas at  the end of my life (hiv),however my dr put me on a new med and i started toget stronger even in active addiction. my cd4 count went from less than 75-1000 over next year, idecided to try to get some kind of a life back.i got involved w/12 step and DID work the steps,this gave me some feelings of relief from myself and my past althogh i was secretly slipping every week or ten days and felt iwas living a lie aroud meetings.
I heard about ibogaine about 15 yrs ago and was very interested however the high cost,
7-10 thousand made it unattainable.
about a year ago i ran into ibogaine again(internet) and caught fire  for the idea again ,i did tons of research and came across IBOGA WORLD and michelle,who has been anicredible source of info and guidance.
after much discusion /michelle i order the ibo from iboga world,they sent it “courier” to canada arriving 8 days later,iwas able to track it right out of africa.
note ,of the few people i did tell about my IBO plans, all said i was nuts and that it was a scm and my money was gone,THEY WERE WRONG however they did manage to create alot of doubt in my mind and ,dobt that was gradually relievd as i got my product and iboga world continued to be a support long after they had received my funds.

about the experience: IW also provided insights for my sitter so that they would know what to expect.
I took a total of 1g HCL abd 1.4grams of TA  somewhat staggered (as per instruction)Note ,what follows is an accurate account of my experience with no embelishment
iwas scared , my legs were almost usless, ihad feelings of intense forboding as
the level of ibo in my system increased my hands and arms shaking, very ragged breathing,close to convulsing,then it completely overtook me,waves of nausea at my slightest movement. t heard the drums briefly saw faces and images light hurt my eyes auditory hallucination or sensitivity, then the fear subsided somewhat and i just felt gross
imust mention the static or buzzing in my head that lasted 12hrs.

my trip was some what shorter than most,possibly to the fact i was movig around alot and went to the washroom several times ,this my have pushed ibo through my system a bit faster. moving along after 14 hrs isat on the couch to be nearer my sitter and try to get out of my head.
as fate would have it there was a show on tv national geographic about ibogaine.

at that point iwas still very wobbly and thought i had just done one of the worst trips of my life. 6hrs later i slept abit with sleep aid.

when i awoke the next morningi sat quietly with a PEACE AND SERENITY IHAVE NOT EXPERIENCED SINCE CHILDHOOD. if ever

the feeling has  not gone awayi am more balanced , the thought of cocaine repulses me
i will take boosters as directed and continue to rely on my higer power and program.
also cigaretts reduced,as  i now have a greater control over those impulses..

in closing ibo is not fun,there is nothing recreational about it whatsoever,ONTHE OTHER HAND IT WORKS. IF YOU PLAN TO TAKE THIS DRUG ALONE A HUGE MISTAKE!!
for her ongoing support and concern. ialso wish to put in print my grattitude to my mom patricia for a lifetime of support ilove you all

brief updates to follow 2 weeks

Richard M edmonton Canada at: