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Ibogaine Testimonial Bob
Ibogaine testimonial Bob Thank you so much for all of your help. I’ll be needing [...]
Ibogaine Treatment
Ibogaine Treatment You may apply for an iboga or Ibogaine treatment if you and only [...]
What is It Ibogaine?
What is It Ibogaine? Ibogaine is the psychoactive alkaloid from the root bark of the [...]
Iboga Root Bark
Iboga Root Bark is a yellowish root of the Iboga tree which contains beneficial alkaloids, [...]
Ibogaine Formulations
Ibogaine formulations In Bwiti religious ceremonies, the rootbark is pulverized and swallowed in large amounts [...]
Ibogaine is a naturally occurring psychoactive substance found in a number of plants, principally in [...]
History of Ibogaine
The History of Ibogaine It is uncertain exactly how long iboga has been used in [...]