Ibogaine The Addicition Stopper

Ibogaine The Addicition Stopper

Ibogaine The Addiction Stopper

Ibogaine has been shown to be highly effective in treating active chemical dependency.
There is no other pharmacological tool that pierces uncontrollable drug use as ibogaine does, reversing tolerance, drastically reducing cravings and attenuating withdrawal symptoms so that the body’s natural sensitivity towards sensation, and its painkillers and mood stabilizers can build up again.

Ibogaine is most often sought out for treating dependencies to substances such as amphetamines and opiates, and is shown in various studies to have a robust effect on abstinence syndromes. Ibogaine not only interrupts physiological dependencies to these chemicals, it can also provide deep insight into our processes around self-harm, habituation and attachment.

Addiction could best be described as repeatedly engaging in a behavior despite harmful consequences. Our perspective at Pangaea is that everyone, to some degree in their lives, exhibits symptoms of addiction. We all have unconscious behaviors that we engage in even though they harm us, many times because they have reached a point of habituation. How do we stop doing something that seems to have become a part of ourselves and our character?

CBS’s news, Ibogaine the addiction stopper video

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