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Michelle and Ibogaworld team, I want to send my sincere thanks for your expert advice and high quality ibogaine ta. After a heroin addiction for two years, I was put on methadone 80mg daily. I took that for almost a year and a half, and decided that daily methadone is as addictive and as bad as the heroin was for me. I had done Ibogaine in Mexico for the heroin addiction which I later found out that I was undertreated. I had been dealing with post acute withdrawal from the methadone, after two months of a daily struggle, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I decided to order ibogaine from Ibogaworld. Any relief would have been great. But my expectations were surpassed. I am sleeping thru the night, no more chills, sweats, fatigue, anxiety. I am so happy that it seems to have really done what Ibogaine is said to do. My sincere thanks to Michelle and the team at Ibogaworld for being legit and most helpful thru this process. I would highly recommend them to anyone suffering from addiction and or PAWS.
Jeff R

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Hi Michelle.

I bought some Iboga from you last year but have only just completed my journey this weekend.  I was looking for spiritual enlightenment and my purpose in life and the lessons I got were extremely detailed and very vivid. I was shown something called “The Plan of Life” which explained everything about why we are here, what we need to do and how we can grow.  What I learned in 24 hours I can fill in two books!  I am thinking of writing a book on this because I believe it’s something everyone should experience, it gives you a complete understanding of everything.  I have no fears or phobias anymore. I have no routines or habits, I can choose to do what I want, I am a blank canvass waiting to be drawn upon,


Help need with drug addiction

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Hello Iboga World
I am really pleased with the quality I received from you.


Buy Ibogaine from Iboga World


Drug and alcohol withdrawals are non existent when treating with Ibogaine.

Buy Ibogaine from Iboga World

Help with drug addiction

Buy Ibogaine from Iboga World

Beating drug addiction

Beating the fight with drug addiction can now be a reality thanks to Ibogaine.


Buy Ibogaine from Iboga World


Hello Iboga World

Thank you for the good’ safe delivery of my parcel’

I look forward to speaking with you again soon’

Good energies to you’

Be Well!

Paul +


Dear Iboga World ,
Thanks again for such a knock out job with your customer service.
You all are true professionals and its been a pleasure thus far doing business with you.
Sincerly ,