Amy Jeanne Ibogaine Testimonial

Amy Jeanne Ibogaine Testimonial

Amy Jeanne Ibogaine Testimonial

Hi Michelle,

I just wanted you provide you an update on my husband’s ibogaine experience.

It has been seven days since he has taken his dose as per your direction.

His experience intoxicated, was very difficult.  However, with the guidance, support and research that I had done, I could offer plenty of comfort and reassurance as his journey appeared to be a typical one.

Ibogaine delivered its promise to him.  He is happily prepared to take his booster dose this evening as he is truly grateful for the gift it has given him.  Although, he doesn’t speak eventually about it (because he feels that it may be too good to be true), he is in utter disbelief at how much better he feels, mentally, physically and emotionally.  He says that his head is free of the debris that pesters him unrelentingly. He has no desire to drink – NONE. Furthermore, he says that he does not remember being as free and easy (in his mind) since early childhood (remember, he is now 48).

From my perspective, he has proven that I have been correct that he is the man that I thought he was.  I have never believed that his negativity, impulsivity have been traits that he fostered – but rather traits that plagued him.

I believed that addiction robbed me of my husband, but also robbed my husband of himself.  Ibogaine has set his brain straight.  He is back.  His dreams and ambition are back. His ability to be reasonable and ability to problem-solve are back.

I had emphasized that ibogaine is not a miracle drug.  After his experience, however, he begs to differ. He tells me that it is miracle enough for him.

I thank you again for your support and direction.  You have provided me confidence in an intimidating proposition.

I will keep you updated with any relevant news.  Thanks,


Amy Jeanne Ibogaine Testimonial

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