Iboga Warning

Although it is clinically proven that Iboga take away withdrawal symptoms, will interrupt addiction and help overcome victims with post-traumatic stress, Iboga is not suitable for everyone and every person should be well informed before they decide to take Iboga.

The decision to use Iboga is a serious step which should be carefully considered and discussed with a professional doctor, priest, psychologist, spouse or partner and family, any one close to you.

The motivation to have a drug-free life is required. Careless preparation, lack of motivation or without a solid plan, it is better not to do an Iboga treatment. It would be a waste of time and may entail serious risks. This could also be the result of inviting drugs back into your life.

Iboga inspires self-understanding and the ability to confront the past. The therapeutic experience is extremely beneficial however the experience can be unpleasant while undergoing the treatment.

There are risks associated with the ingestion of Iboga therefore proper functioning of the heart and liver is a minimum health requirement.

Combining Iboga with other drugs such as Opiates, alcohol or other medications etc. may have serious consequences.

Iboga Warning

Iboga is not a substitute for other forms of therapy.

The Iboga sessions should be integrated into a well-rounded rehabilitation program. Proper therapeutic aftercare is essential.

Iboga Warning

Iboga should ALWAYS be taking under good supervision.

Iboga is taken at patients’ own risk.

It is important that the patient equips themselves with the proper and sufficient knowledge of the product.

Proper preparation should be taken prior to the treatment.

Taking Iboga is a big responsibility, it is important that the patient is aware of that and that proper mental preparation needs to be taken in order to have the most successful treatment.

Iboga Warning

Iboga Warning
Iboga Warning


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