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Ibogaine as an addiction breaker

A single administration of Ibogaine has several useful functions in drug treatment.

First it causes a huge reduction in withdrawal symptoms, which can be detoxified relatively painless.

Secondly, withdrawal symptoms are greatly reduced. The strong desire disappears and gives way to a clear consciousness.

Finally, the psychoactive dreams state helps the patients understand underlying issues in their life that may have caused them to start using drugs in order to solve those problems and therefore change their behavior and thus completely eliminate addiction.

Please note: Despite the excellent potential which Ibogaine offers to treat addiction, it should be clear that Ibogaine will not help everyone. It is important that there is dedicated motivation and the ability to change the environment. Ibogaine may well break an addiction, but it is not a panacea. One should also take into account that an Ibogaine treatment is very intense way to break an addiction and should not be taken lightly nor for granted. Before you decide to have a Ibogaine treatment, ones health should be examined by a registered doctor. Heart, liver problems or low blood pressure is a contraindication.

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The treatment program

The decision to undergo an iboga treatment must be a well considered and reasoned and motivated decision. Taking iboga is a serious step in one’s life which should not be underestimated.

The program looks something like this, so that you can create a picture in your mind.

First, a questionnaire will be sent to you to fill in about your personal health situation, motivation and potential addiction problems.

Based on the above mentioned data there can be established treatment plan formed and with that it will tell you how you should prepare for treatment.

Upon arrival you will find yourself in a personal interview, where the treatment is explained and the dose of iboga is determined.

A room will be given and where one can quietly install and prepare for the treatment.

Then there are a number of personal interviews for the purpose of gaining insight into the expectations and to clear up the possible effects of iboga.

At the moment when the person is ready, we have fasted at least 12 hours and the reasonable dose is determined, one will ingest the Iboga.

The effect of the iboga takes about 40 hours. The first 24 hours will be in bed, and then you can calmly get up and eat if you need it. After this phase, a number of personal interviews are carried out to see how the treatment is conducted and how to go further. There will also be looked at and considered whether there is a maintenance dose is required.

Importantly, there always remains adequate drinking.

Only when one is mentally and physically strong enough again, can one return home. The period of recovery is different for each individual depending on several factors.

If you have come this far, please contact one of our qualified practitioners for your motivation and to discuss plans, and more information about your specific situation.

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