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Ibogaine – Testimonial Debby

Hello i am very sorry for not writing you earlier. I have spent the last year completely re-evaluating my whole life. When I came to you for help, I just wanted to get off of Methadone. The next thing I know, I have forgiven myself for mistakes of my past. My obsession with my faults, my guilt, and everything self conscious gone. It was not sudden. It was a gradual change in my whole outlook on life. What I used to think was important, is no longer, and the things I used to overlook are now what makes me happy. I have a sense I can only call it natural, real happiness. I am not always walking around with a silly clown smile, but sometimes I do. I laugh a lot. I feel that the future is going to be alright. And I dont obsess with things out of my control. Iboga was not an instant fix. It was something that I had to work with. How can I say this right? The iboga did not work, the Iboga and I worked together. I had a lot of responsibly, and choices, and I could have made the bad choices, but iboga was somewhere in the back of my mind, reminding me to be stronger. It is a miracle non-the-less. It gave me the choice. It did not do all the work for me, but it has been like an angel on my shoulder, reminding me that I have power inside,…
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Iboga World Testimonial Steven

This morning, my "afterglow" started, and I feel absolutely amazing! Noribogaine must have taken over my receptors. I never felt so good! Thanks again Michelle, I wouldn't have made it here w/out your care and assistance. God Bless you Michelle, and keep doing what you are doing. It's making a difference! The Iboga blessing has happened to me. I am so excited! I will follow any of your suggestions if it will help me stay this way.   Steven
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