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Ibogaine – Testimonial Debby

Hello i am very sorry for not writing you earlier. I have spent the last year completely re-evaluating my whole life. When I came to you for help, I just wanted to get off of Methadone. The next thing I know, I have forgiven myself for mistakes of my past. My obsession with my faults, my guilt, and everything self conscious gone. It was not sudden. It was a gradual change in my whole outlook on life. What I used to think was important, is no longer, and the things I used to overlook are now what makes me happy. I have a sense I can only call it natural, real happiness. I am not always walking around with a silly clown smile, but sometimes I do. I laugh a lot. I feel that the future is going to be alright. And I dont obsess with things out of my control. Iboga was not an instant fix. It was something that I had to work with. How can I say this right? The iboga did not work, the Iboga and I worked together. I had a lot of responsibly, and choices, and I could have made the bad choices, but iboga was somewhere in the back of my mind, reminding me to be stronger. It is a miracle non-the-less. It gave me the choice. It did not do all the work for me, but it has been like an angel on my shoulder, reminding me that I have power inside,…
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Iboga from Iboga World saved my life from Heroin Dependency

Iboga from Iboga World saved my life from Heroin Dependency Hi people here is Martin from Canada. I have used Heroin for the past 6 years almost daily and i have reached the point that i knew that if i didn`t stop with Heroin it would be my dead some day. After a lot of rechearing online i realized Iboga could help me breaking my Heroin habbit so that would the way to go. So it is now 2 months since i undergo my iboga treatment. From that moment i have not used heroin anymore. And an other great thing is i even do not smoke anymore, i didn`t expect that but it is very nice it also quited my smoking habbit.   Michelle thank you very much, i am so happy with the great results and your good work and faith in me. Well done Michelle keep on going breaking Dependencys.   Martin from Canada
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Heroin Addiction Ibogaine

Michelle and Ibogaworld team, I want to send my sincere thanks for your expert advice and high quality ibogaine ta. After a heroin addiction for two years, I was put on methadone 80mg daily. I took that for almost a year and a half, and decided that daily methadone is as addictive and as bad as the heroin was for me. I had done Ibogaine in Mexico for the heroin addiction which I later found out that I was undertreated. I had been dealing with post acute withdrawal from the methadone, after two months of a daily struggle, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I decided to order ibogaine from Ibogaworld. Any relief would have been great. But my expectations were surpassed. I am sleeping thru the night, no more chills, sweats, fatigue, anxiety. I am so happy that it seems to have really done what Ibogaine is said to do. My sincere thanks to Michelle and the team at Ibogaworld for being legit and most helpful thru this process. I would highly recommend them to anyone suffering from addiction and or PAWS. Sincerely, Jeff R
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