Iboga from Iboga World saved my life from Heroin Dependency Hi people here is Martin from Canada. I have used Heroin for the past 6 years almost daily and i have reached the point that i knew that if i didn`t stop with Heroin it would be my dead some day. After a lot of rechearing online i realized Iboga could help me breaking my Heroin habbit so that would the way to go. So it is now 2 months since i undergo my iboga treatment. From that moment i have not used heroin anymore. And an other great thing is i even do not smoke anymore, i didn`t expect that but it is very nice it also quited my smoking habbit.   Michelle thank you very much, i am so happy with the great results and your good work and faith in me. Well done Michelle keep on going breaking Dependencys.   Martin from Canada
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