I only take micro dose iboga root alone at home,in the dark (1/2 teaspoon) once per day. This by far gives me the best journey,and the best results in seeing and dealing with addictions,and i not just talking about physical addictions to drugs, but the emotional addictions,junk food,emotional outbursts,and reacting or being affected by a negative thought process. Iboga root can give absolutely astonishing results if taken properly   I first took iboga root on 21st june this year. Sine then,i now eat a healthy diet,and hardly any junk food. My negative emotional outbursts have gone. And have stopped smoking tobacco,and the amazing thing that happened when i stopped smoking was that i did not have any withdrawal symptoms! the iboga was awesome in dealing with an addiction i had for 30 years!   Thank you Michelle and Iboga World :-) Kindest regards Joseph
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