Methadone Addiction

English: Methadone structure, animation Hi guys , i am Hank and i am 36 years old and i was addicted on methadone the past 8 years. I was using methadone daily and needed a minimal of 125 mg/d. I have a good job and i can pay for the methadone so that was no problem, after getting sicker and sicker along the way and loosing grip of my life and my work, also relationships i decided it was time to get rid of the methadone addiction. But i realized that it would be the hartest battle of my life. Getting clean and staying clean. A long way to go. Than i heard about Ibogaine, so i started to read on the internet about ibogaine. Surprisingly there where a lot of people having used ibogaine one single treatment and are clean for years now. So that when i decided i wante d that, getting clean with ibogaine. Than i found Iboga World and i started getting contact with Michelle from Iboga World. So whe have talked about my addiction and how much ibogaine i needed and how the process of getting clean from methadone would be. I have done the treatment with ibogaine in my own house with a very very good friend stayed with me a long the way. And than it happened, the first day after 8 years i not needed methadone. It was and still is a amazing experience. I am now clean and undepended of methadone for 7 months. I am happy and everything is going well. Michelle thank you. I hope a lot of people who have some kind of addiction are going to contact you, so you can help them also. Thank you and a lot of love. Greetings Hank

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