Living with Fibromyalgia

Living with Fibromyalgia

Living with Fibromyalgia

First of I want to say thank you for reading my story about Living with Fibromyalgia

I am an 37 years old men living in the Netherlands. Since I was 16 years old my health wash in a spiral down, I have visited 4 different hospitals, for pain complaints. Than I have followed months and months of all kind of therapy’s. Physiotherapy, physiofitness, Cesar therapy for chronic pain disease. Chiropractic, and Manuel therapy. I have also had a lot of different medicines. All of these didn`t work. And every day I have to life with lots of pain on all kind off different places in my body.

After years of trying everything and still going to my work the time had come that I couldn’t t work anymore. I lost my Job, and I need to contact a psychiatrist, I was manic depressive and also consulted adhd. So there was another medicine treatment with all kind off depression medicine and adhd medicine.

For my pain from the Fibromyalgia all the medicines had no effect. And there were times it was so dark in my thoughts, so I kept thinking it would be better to die. Than my problems were solved. Well with de depression medicine and weekly sessions with my psychiatrist and adhd coach the thoughts off better being dead disappear.

That gave me some trust back and I decided not to accept that I have to live with the Fibromyalgia pain all my life. The doctors always say, learn to life with it because we can`t heal it. So I started searching on Google. I found some very interesting stories about patient who has fibromyalgia where health from their pain with the use ibogaine.

So I get a little more fait, and I kept thinking would it be true? Would ibogaine help me? Would it stop the daily pains? Well if it only could degrease the pain with 50% than I would be very happy also. So I contacted Iboga World. I have spoken with Michelle. I have told here my whole story. She really took all the time to listen and to talk with me.

We have worked out a Iboga Treatment, which I have undergo. And within 3 days I was feeling much much better. In the weeks that followed all my pain disappeared. I feel good and have lots of energy. I started to go to the gym 3 times a week. So in my case after living long long time with lots of pain and depression I found a miracle medicine, Ibogaine.

So maybe you are living with fibromyalgia and have daily pain, my advice would be contact Michelle from Iboga World. Talk with here and I hope you will get just a great life as mine. I thank Michelle from Iboga World with all my heart.


Mr. Jos K from the Netherlands

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