Ibogaine Therapeutic Uses
Studies recommend that Iboga/Ibogaine has considerable potential in the treatment of addiction to heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine, methadone, & alcohol. There is also an indication that it is useful in treating tobacco dependence. It’s also been suggested that the drug may have considerable potential in the field of psychotherapy, as a treatment for the effects of trauma or conditioning. A single administration of Iboga/Ibogaine usually has effects useful in the treatment of drug dependence.

iboFirst, it causes a giant reduction in the signs of drug withdrawal, allowing comparatively painless cleansing. Secondly, there is a marked lowering in the desire to make use of drugs for a time period after taking Iboga/Ibogaine, usually between week & several months. This has been confirmed by scientific studies. Finally, the drug’s psychoactive nature is reported to help plenty of users understand & resolve the issues behind their addictive behavior.

Iboga root is also used in West African folk medicine as a stimulant, tonic, & aphrodisiac; in case of nervous weakness; & to treat fever & hypertension. In the Congo, iboga is used to treat tropical sleeping disease. The Italian in equatorial Africa one time praised an iboga extract called lambarence as a cure-all & recommended it in the treatment of neurasthenia & syphilis. In homeopathic medicine, a brother tincture & various dilutions obtained from the fresh root are used in accordance with the medical descriptor





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