Ibogaine for Sale

Ibogaine for Sale

Ibogaine for Sale

“Ibogaine for sale” has been a hot topic since the hit NBC shoe Law and Order showed featured the drugs anti-addictive properties in an episode. People wondered what is Ibogaine and where can I get it?  For the answer to the first question click here to find out “what is Ibogaine“. If you are looking for Ibogaine for sale it is important to first ask the questions, “why do you want to find Ibogaine for sale, what type of Ibogaine do you want to buy, and what is the legal status of Ibogaine in your country?

Why Are You Seeking Ibogaine for Sale?

There are a number of reasons people try to find Ibogaine for sale.

Ibogaine for Sale for Recreational Use

Since Ibogaine is technically a hallucinogen, many people want to use the drug for recreation to get high. Ibogaine in the correct dose can cause intense hallucinations for up to 36 hours. While this may seem attractive there are several points to consider before you buy Ibogaine for recreational use.
  1. Ibogaine is Not a Social Drug– Unlike psilocybin (mushrooms) which can be very social, Ibogaine is a very introspective trip. Basically, for 12-36 hours there will be no desire to actively interact with others.
  2. Ibogaine Should Never Be Used Alone– This is what makes the first point so significant. Someone intoxicated of Ibogaine will not be able to make rational decisions and need a guide to remind them to do things like go to the bathroom, drink plenty of water, etc.  Since the monitor needs to be sober to ensure the safety of the person using Ibogaine this makes finding a monitor more difficult.
  3. Ibogaine is Expensive to buy– While the Ibogaine experience is truly unique the cost associated with acquiring Ibogaine makes it less attractive for recreational use.  Unlike other naturally occurring recreation drugs like Marijuana, Opium, and Cocaine, Ibogaine is found in a relatively small geographic area in Africa. Due to the higher costs of production it is not regularly trafficked to countries like the US where it is illegal.  Thus, in most cases, to find Ibogaine for sale for recreational use requires travel outside the US to a country where it is legal, and then you still have several hundred to thousands of dollars to pay for the Ibogaine.
  4. Interaction with certain drugs are fatal– Using Ibogaine in combination of most other recreational drugs is usually fatal. If you use heroin, methamphetamine or other natural occurring opiates within 24-36 hours of Ibogaine or have used Suboxone within the 30 days before dosing the results could be fatal.  There are many more interactions than just these so please do not consider this to be medical advice, and research all interactions with Ibogaine, and/ or contact a reputable Ibogaine facility for guidance.

Ibogaine for Psychotherapy

For decades therapists around the world have used Ibogaine in psychotherapy sessions.  Ibogaine is unique in its ability to have a patient enter into a “lucid dream” state.  Patients report this to be like watching a movie of their life, being able to pause, rewind, and focus on significant events in life.  Under the guidance of a psychotherapist this can be very helpful in dealing with repressed issues of rape, child sexual abuse, and other emotional trauma.  Caution should be used when seeking Ibogaine for sale to use on your own for psychotherapy.  Since repressed memories will surface it is crucial that a trained professional either be guiding the actual experience or available immediately following the session to deal with feeling of anxiety and depression. If you need Ibogaine for psychotherapy we will be happy to point you toward a provider.

Ibogaine to Treat Addiction

If you desire Ibogaine for Sale to treat addiction it is advisable that you go to an Ibogaine treatment center.  Ibogaine when used correctly is very effective in treating drug addictions especially Oxycontin addiction and heroin addiction. However, there are important protocols regarding dosing, how much a patient weighs, medical history, when the patient last used their drug of choice, etc. Improper use of Ibogaine to treat drug addiction can be fatal.  For information on what to look for in an Ibogaine treatment center for drug addiction click here.

What types of Ibogaine Can You Buy?

  There are different forms of Ibogaine for sale. Tabernanthe iboga is the plant from which Ibogaine is extracted. The root bark found online varies in strength but is normal 5-10% as strong as the pure Ibogaine HCL. There are different suppliers of T.A. and the T.A. varies from 20-50% the strength of Ibogaine HCL. What kind of Ibogaine/ Iboga you’re looking for depends on what your uses are. In the end we strongly suggest contacting a reputable Ibogaine provider and asking them the differences in the Ibogaine for sale on the market today.

Legal Status of Ibogaine for Sale

The legal status of Ibogaine varies from country to country. It is legal in many countries around the world with most treatment facilities being located in Canada, Mexico and Costa Rica.

Ibogaine for Sale in the United States

Ibogaine is a schedule I narcotic in the US, the most series class of drugs and carries serious prison time for importing into the US.  It was restricted in the 1960 along with a number of other hallucinogens thus restricting access and research. Pharmaceutical companies make money getting patients hooked on Oxycontin and providing Suboxone to treat the addiction.  If Ibogaine was to receive a lower schedule to allow supervised treatment it would cost the drug industries billions of dollars.  Considering the heads of the FDA tend to be former pharmaceutical executives it is unlikely the legal status will ever change to allow Ibogaine for sale in the US. If you are seeking Ibogaine for sale to treat addiction you may contact us for options on how to get your life back. If you desire Ibogaine for sale for psychotherapy we can  guide you to a quality ibogaine pychotherapy clinic. For recreational use you can contact Iboga World online.