Ibogaine Drug Treatment

Ibogaine Drug Treatment is a detox for drug addicts. It is painless and easy to do. Ibogaine will break your addiction instantly and allows its promotion of long-term drug abstinence. Iboga World sells Iboga Products so you can do the treatment in the convenience of your own home or where ever you like.

Ibogaine represents a very huge breakthrough for those in need of help. But there is also a level of risk involved in doing an ibogaine treatment. You may not experiment yourself because if Ingesting too much Ibogaine when you are very thin (low weight), or if you are suffering with liver or heart problems there will be dangers associated with an Iboga treatment. If you are unsure it is strongly advised to let your Liver and Heart be tested first. We from Iboga World will guide you with all you have to now and we are also able to work out a dosage for you.

If you decide to take ibogaine, you have to be aware of your dosage and which products to use so that you will have a successful treatment, and Iboga World will advise each individual separately. Iboga can definetly change your life and let you get rit of your Drug problems. So having an Ibogaine Drug-addiction breaking Treatment is wonderful to do to get clean and have a new and stable life.

Ibogaine Drug Treatment

When you start ingesting you will go sleep and you will be experience physical, psychological, and spiritual dimensions. This period will be various between 15 and 36 hours, this depends on what dose you will ingest and ofcourse each individual reacts differently because each person has a different metabolism. It doesn`t matter wich kind of drug addiction you have, an ibogaine treatment can make you get rid of each Drug Addiction there is. ( Heroin – Speed – Cocaine – Ecstasy – LSD – Tobacco – Alcohol )

Ibogaine Drug Treatment and Cravings

Ibogaine will reduce or eliminate drug cravings for a couple of months after ingesting a single dose treatment. Ibogaine will break down in the liver and change to a substance called Nor-ibogaine. The Nor-ibogaine will stay active in the opiate receptors for several months so you can stay away from the drugs you are using. Clinical researches shown that Nor-ibogaine will reduce cravings and it will create a window of opportunity, in which you will be able to learn the skills you need to stay clean from drugs and start your new life.

Iboga World can help you and shall guide you from the first time you contact us. Don`t hesitate any longer! Contact us through the contact page and we will answer all the questions you want to now before starting an Ibogaine Drug Treatment.



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