Methamphetamine Treatment

Methamphetamine Treatment

Methamphetamine Treatment


Methamphetamine has been in use as a since the early twentieth century by doctors. They were first synthesized from ephedrine in Japan in 1893. The Japanese chemist Nagai Nagayoshi was the first to discover this. Since then, it has been synthesized to treat various medical conditions. The most common among those are the treatment of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), extreme obesity, narcolepsy, and some forms of depression.

Methamphetamine enhances the functioning of the body and the senses in a number of ways such as alertness, concentration, and energy. It’s clear why it would help in treating ADHD and depression. At high doses it enhances self-esteem, supercharges the libido, and can cause euphoria. These seem to be positive. Unfortunately methamphetamine has a dark side.

Methamphetamine Danger

The reality is the negatives of taking Methamphetamine far outweigh the positives. It is highly addictive and is used more often for recreational purposes than for medicinal. Even people who take more mild forms of methamphetamine for medicinal purposes and growing a dependence on them. And while the withdrawal effects of methamphetamine aren’t as dangerous as some of the other deadlier substances out there, they can still last longer than many other withdrawals, they can last psychologically up to a year.

ibogaine for methamphetimine addiction

Methamphetamine destroys the mental and physical well-being of the body at an alarmingrate, for those who take it recreationally. Many cases people have been known to develop schizophrenic-like symptoms over a prolonged use. Meth mouth is the most infamous side effect of abusing the drug. It degrades and decays the gums and teeth within just a few months. In the worst cases people lose all their teeth within the first year of their addiction.

There are a dozen other horrible conditions a person can contract with the use of Methamphetamine. None of them are good. Its super addictive nature makes it worse. There’s almost no treatment out there effective enough to help one overcome an addiction. Traditional drug rehab centers only have a 1-4% success rate. That said Ibogaine shows much promise for this addiction.

Ibogaine, the Way to Beat a Methamphetamine Addiction

Ibogaine has been proven to treat and help a person overcome drug addictions with astonishing success. Methamphetamines are no exception. Ibogaine has shown to help people overcome their addictions and cure cravings and has an estimated 70% overall success rate. No other common addiction treatments can show that effectiveness.

Ibogaine is powerful psychedelic drug synthesized from the root of a tree called the Tabernanthe Iboga. It has no addictive properties, and in most cases it takes only one thirty-six hour treatment to beat the addiction.
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