Ibogaine for Oxycontin

Ibogaine for Oxycontin

Ibogaine for Oxycontin

Ibogaine Treatment is a Cure For Oxycontin Addiction


Oxycontin Addiction

Oxycontin is a legal, controlled substance that is generally prescribed after surgery or a severe injury to relieve pain. What makes Oxycontin convenient is also what makes it dangerous. Its timed-release formula keeps it potent all day with only two doses, but if the formula is broken down into a powder, the full strength of the drug can be injected, which can lead to Oxycontin dependence or even an overdose.

Recognizing Oxycontin dependence

Recognizing Oxycontin dependence can be difficult. For some, it starts when they are prescribed Oxycontin for physical pain they are experiencing. The addiction develops over a period of weeks, months, even years, until the addict realizes that they now rely on the drug for more than just killing pain; they have to have it to function. For other addicts, although they have never had a prescription for Oxycontin to begin with, they now find themselves a slave to its effects. Again, because this takes time, addicts are often in denial of their Oxycontin dependence, even when they must increase their dosage to compensate for their tolerance level.

The symptoms of withdrawal from Oxycontin

The symptoms of withdrawal from Oxycontin are similar to withdrawal from heroin, methadone, morphine, and other opiates. Symptoms are usually experienced 6-30 hours after discontinued use and can last up to a week. These symptoms can be extremely uncomfortable, including inability to sleep, aching muscles, extreme anxiousness, sweating excessively, and more. To curb these, patients are often prescribed Suboxone or other similar drugs. These substances can also be addictive if not used carefully. Once an addict has fully withdrawn from the drug, he or she must avoid using Oxycontin again as overdose can easily occur.

Ibogaine Treatment for Oxycontin Addiction

Instead of using a substitute drug, those who are ready to fight their Oxycontin addiction should consider Ibogaine for their recovery. Ibogaine is developed from a substance found in the root of the Iboga shrub growing naturally in West Africa. Its anti-addictive properties were first discovered in 1962. Not only is it non-habit forming, but Ibogaine also allows patients to recover free from the unpleasant symptoms associated with withdrawal. 

Another important benefit of Ibogaine is that it allows patients to restore their minds, spirits, and emotions. Because Ibogaine possesses psychedelic and dissociative qualities, patients can enter a trance-like state where they can work through the issues that have kept them bound to their Oxycontin dependence.

Why Choose Iboga World Ibogaine for Oxycontin Addiction

Unlike traditional treatment, our Ibogaine can treat the addiction really well whit out suffering.

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