Iboga Tabernanthe Ibogaine

Iboga Tabernanthe Ibogaine

Iboga Tabernanthe Ibogaine

These are words of Gary, who is cured of his addiction intake of Ibogaine, Iboga Tabernanthe of a shrub, growing up in west central Africa, an alkaloid derived from numerous roots, a former meth addiction. Iboga shrub roots have been used for hundreds of years, from forest Central West Africa sub-tropical rain as the launch of her life in a forest people. Modern researchers, medical and metaphysics, find a root of iboga derivatives, Ibogaine, is an effective treatment of addiction, abnormal behavior and spiritual anomie. It will not be a tribe of people, God revere Iboga WHO as a surprise.

West African Bwiti religion use employees of the plant iboga induced vision and assistance in the hunt.

Three hundred years the tribal people in forest areas has been the use of the bush because they are an integral part of religious rituals. With its contribution, they and their ancestors in the hierarchy of contacts. For example, they may chew the bark of a couple of days and then changes into a state where they fall on the forest and run a mile and a half, then dug under a tree, find a place where the dot It is one hundred and fifty years ago.
Western scientists in 1900 revealed that, after seeing this wild boar to eat shrubs and in nature, iboga is a psychoactive substance. In 1940 and 1950, pharmaceutical companies have begun to try some other uses of plants, it is considered a stimulant. However, in 1962, Howard Lotsof, were heroin addicts, celebrity noticed that getting high. After 36 hours of travel, he found himself by his addiction, and thus his six friends. Five of them become their habit. Lotsof get an Ibogaine experience than just a spiritual thing.

Over time, the League of automatic execution of tests Addict underground Ibogaine experience. Their data suggest that heroin, cocaine, amphetamines, alcohol and nicotine addiction for about the success rate of 75%.

In 1965, Lotsof form of new drugs on the international use and planned treatment patented Ibogaine addiction and alcoholism.

Scientific research began in 1991, the Netherlands with more than 36 addicts as test cases. Since then, the FDA U. S. became very interested in this kind of material, so it approved the first human study.

Currently, Ibogaine , because of its spiritual properties, is classified by the FDA as “Class 1” narcotic (heroin and cocaine together), and since 1960 has been banned in the United States. However, Ibogaine is not and never will be a recreational drug. In the application of U.S. law 30 years of drugs, and only 3 grams were confiscated, “the street.” Ibogaine treatment, drug addicts or dysfunctional patterns of behavior, an important benefit for people trapped although hard work, not people do not want to repeat. Ibogaine non-addictive substances in the real situation is that it’s all over the world, in addition to the laws of the United States and Proof Belgium.

What is Ibogaine treatment like? It depends on to some extent, as Ibogaine is ingested purposes. Manage the quantity of drugs for different purposes, and experience, to some extent, the form for participants. Heroin users to ask “money back in his” free will not take the same number of Ibogaine, or have the same experience a prolonged meditation, the goal is to be linked to the source, or hope for the treatment of patients resolution, chronic depression or anxiety. However, the three find their treatment involves physical, mental and spiritual.

All treatments’ Ibogaine has three stages. The first step is addition of Ibogaine, which is in capsule form. The power is based on the calibration of body weight. In the past, the low range has been used to treat the meeting. At low doses, images and ideas, therapists work slowly enough to attend. A mid-range dose of Ibogaine is a spiritual seeker, want to have a rewarding experience. However, recent experience suggests that it may be unnecessary large dose calibration of the various psychological or spiritual purposes. If the contribution of the person of Ibogaine experienced severe trauma, it is the best hand on taking low doses and a therapist, but many people can handle a large dose moderate, and can access their healing of memories.

In many cases, the views received, there is no tradition in the Western model of the experience of psychotherapy. A ready to begin to dissolve the emotional charge of a more abstract level, you can view the accumulated experience and behavior change. High doses used to stop the addiction. Dose high enough to overwhelm the mind and body addicts programming is required. However, even within the range of doses, Ibogaine does not fragment well and wash the drug of choice or desire to addicts of the experience of the emergence of self.

The contribution of Ibogaine people seem to travel back in time and relive major events of life.

Some people accept the “life review” similar to the Tibetan Book of the Dead “, as described in contemporary accounts of near death experiences, and if the person is an addict, he or she is sometimes caused by the heart of the problem and help addicted to the place to start. Eyes the emotional content of that experience is the experience itself and the visual, the reason for the Gestalt in most cases, the experience is “a full 3 – D effects and the feeling real. “However, there are also witnesses to the existence of self, watch and find understanding. It is this understanding, it seems ex-addicts to start a new, healthy choices.

Surprisingly, there are no withdrawal symptoms, the complete selection for old drugs, or drugs. There are several reasons for the withdrawal periods interrupted. One is that the consumption of Ibogaine, addicts can not get out of bed, find repair. In addition, they are busy overworked, they experience to remember they need repair. In addition, the country’s hospitals and universities for medical studies have shown that Ibogaine inhibits the production of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that plays a central role in addiction. Because many drug addicts to stay addicted, just to avoid the pain and the overwhelming pressure and to withdraw, withdraw the case, Ibogaine in the treatment of narcotic addiction is a success key factor.

Ibogaine treatment of the second stage, seems to be some personal experience. Some people sleep 12 hours. However, most people do not sleep, but a fantastic experience, the period of reflection. If they sleep, they wake up more often completely alert and hungry. This in itself is a miracle, a decade of heroin addiction.

The three-phase lasts twenty-four one another. Because feel very open and vulnerable during a person, this twenty-four hours, appears to provide the necessary time re acclimate their “real time”. Functionality, although slow and thoughtful, more gentle, but not encountered Ibogaine because the full impact.

Ibogaine after the meeting , before the drug will experience the desire for drugs or drug of choice for three to six months of freedom. During this period, he or she needs to ask for changes in treatment and support in the ground, was set in motion ideas. If you do not, this follow-up, initially caused by psychological factors of addiction will be back. The same is true of people using Ibogaine to explore and interrupt dysfunctional patterns of behavior that the efficacy of Ibogaine is “closed”, and extend the treatment given. About twenty-five percent of drug intake by Ibogaine dependency is not released, but one of the most successful, the second treatment.

A low dose of Ibogaine experience in a smaller, less intense pace, its spiritual impact. They maintain a normal, conscious control, and be able to participate in the therapist to explore ideas to Ibogaine. These ideas may be the deepest, most acute. One participant, by birth, re-live his mother, his description of the connection: “I think I was the baby, but I was so soft part of the skin dose, which I can feel d . ‘Heat and the smell, everything is me … it is the right … … It’s me, it’s bigger than me, but me and me this woman could feel tenderness, and a place where I can feel the tears hit my body, I could feel his sadness, it is my sad, this is the one I was sad all my life, I think that after a while … … “Well, I think I have now! I know. I see now how it all began. “The woman is the greatest gift she had received Ibogaine.

There is fewer data available, other than the spirit of the West African Central started using Ibogaine, but it is by the people of this ancient for the West. The dose is less than the addiction to break. Some need a loss of consciousness, an iron fist around the car, but the amount of small, need to break the addiction. A launch customer, who has done years of inner spiritual work before taking Ibogaine, had this to say: “Ibogaine discover all the settings of the movement is changing everything, even if deconstruction the world around me. iboga gave me the power to accelerate the level of liquidity, I still can reconfigure themselves, and I dance around the world … … Ibogaine is a variant of the simulation of life and the tree can help us achieve a new relationship with their help we got a unique relationship between God and ourselves … “

Ibogaine have side effects? 90% of the population five years, the answer is no. Three to five percent of the population have a mental illness or catatonia may experience hallucinations rest on Ibogaine, it is not recommended using this group.

Obviously, in the destruction of the dependence of alcohol, cocaine, heroin, amphetamines, methadone, and nicotine and all accompanying death, disease and crime, dysfunctional behavior in the community, rather than the exception the rule, in humans, one of the worlds, eager to reconnect with God, Ibogaine has a profound impact. In writing this article, however, Ibogaine is available to fewer people than in Africa. Howard Lotsof organization, new development areas, the implementation of the Conference of Ibogaine in the Netherlands and Panama. I start with the organization of the writer has had access to Ibogaine a small, but growing in international waters in the Caribbean, a number of clinics.

Two aspects of the political opposition and economical advanced treatment with Ibogaine. Currently, Ibogaine treatment, including the cost of international waters in the Caribbean. Due to the need for twenty-five pounds of plant material, with a half pound of wood chips alkaloid Ibogaine extract, supply is limited and expensive. Synthesis of Ibogaine is manufactured under the auspices of the new development area, but must be improved. Legalization of political opposition and the manufacture of Ibogaine is pervasive, deeply rooted. This is a real threat to treat addiction in the underworld of international drug trafficking, and in the field of economy of economic interests.

Addiction, such as cancer, is a multibillion dollar industry. In addition, the legal status of any psychotropic substance to the long-standing cultural taboos. However, pressure, and finally the scourge of addiction is very intense, Ibogaine may eventually approve by the FDA. Meanwhile, Ibogaine clinics in the United States outside, although in limited quantities.

What is Ibogaine in the future of Western society, particularly the dangers of drug abuse have been close, especially in the center of the level of genocide in the United States,?

A wise man said, “lit a candle than curse the darkness, which is better.” I started again, a clinic, where I presented at the conference Ibogaine thanks to trained assistants, is like a candle. It is my hope and my plan in the coming years, many of these candles are lit, so that we see can not see the addictive behavior and dysfunctional social chaos and personal suffering and substantial improvements. I am looking for individuals actively involved in both clinical and money for businesses.

An Ibogaine session, I start a clinic will require 5-7 days (or more) living in a relaxed environment, and intensive treatment, and support a variety of physical therapies and practitioners on the ground to provide adequate funding, massages , acupuncture and herbal medicine, particularly in the detoxification of the body and nervous system to relax and heal. The staff is likely to include artists and poets to help Ibogaine graduate reconnect the new capacity be reborn, and creativity. In addition, there is a need to become a team of doctors and nurses to deal with the dependence of a long-term damage resulting from any problems. In this best of possible worlds, the administration of the iboga Ibogaine, rather than a synthetic product. When people leave the clinic, he or she will be referred to therapists and back support system. Such a clinic would give each person just had the best chance to become not only the way non-dependence and negative, also began a new and better life. Everyone received the full treatment, will cause a chain reaction that will help the healing of others and society.

Obviously, such a complete treatment is not large in the near future. For this reason, the future needs of Ibogaine, including the development of high-quality synthesis, which significantly reduces the cost, more people will reach. Although people still need to go outside the United States to accept this treatment, until the FDA approved the acquisition, treatment monitoring and support can be done at home in community clinics.