Iboga has changed my whole body. I had stopped with eating for 48
hours before I started and this was perfect. Just drank water and
soimilk and had a few yoguhrts.
In the starting phase I felt asleep and got up totally fit- I thought
the trip does not come, cause >I felt so wake and clear.
Then I got up and took my last 4-5 puffs of smoke ( I wass so confused)
and then Rock n Roll:-)
vibrations in all kind of styles:-) This was so awasome AND THEY FELT
SO FAMILAR to me. Iboga cleared my patters of behaviour and I volmated
more then 100 times in 36 hours. I felt how iboga cleaned my liver and
I had to volmate out the whole fats and toxics.
Thank you, Iboga World and Iboga so much.
I change now every small shit in my life and even if it is to do not
read consume advertisment.