How to find the perfect treatment for drug addiction and alcoholism? Ibogaine!

How to find the perfect treatment

How to find the perfect treatment for drug addiction and alcoholism ???

Requirements for such a tool should include both the ability to most comfortably reduce the symptoms of withdrawal symptoms and the ability to eliminate the desire to take the drug forever.

Such a tool exists. This is ibogaine.

Ibogaine therapy is currently being considered as an alternative method of detoxification and treatment of drug/alcohol addiction.

Although Ibogaine is not an absolute method, however, in many cases, Ibogaine is that “silver bullet” in solving the problem of addiction, when repeated attempts by traditional methods of treatment have been ineffective. This is the same tool that surprisingly allows you to simultaneously solve the problems of physical dependence (overcoming withdrawal symptoms) and at the same time extremely effectively blocks the pathological attraction to the drug/alcohol.

Ibogaine is not a replacement therapy. There is no getting used to it.

Ibogaine breaks any addiction at the chemical level.

Numerous studies on Ibogaine in many countries of the world over the past 20 years, thousands of cured patients convincingly demonstrate the ability of Ibogaine to effectively eliminate the desire to take drugs (opiates, cocaine, amphetamines, marijuana, etc.) and alcohol after a single session of ibogaine therapy. And what is especially surprising is that the resulting positive effect lasts from several months to several children until the end of life.

Ibogaine itself provides an opportunity to cure those patients who, after repeated attempts at treatment with traditional methods, have already lost faith in a return to normal life. Often, patients call Ibogaine’s treatment a “window of opportunity”.

Ibogaine treatment allows you to comfortably overcome physical dependence syndrome (“dropping”) in one session, unlike days and weeks of painful detoxification with traditional medication methods (especially “dropping to dry”). The fact that the most common reason for the inability to leave drugs is recognized in addictive medicine there is a fear of the inevitable and often unbearable pain that can accompany the patient for weeks or even months after leaving the drug. If you have ever tried to detox and get rid of opioid addiction, but have relapsed due to intolerance to the associated pain and discomfort, the inability to function normally, then you have the opportunity to assess the potential of a new treatment for drug dependence.

The uniqueness of the Ibogaine therapy method lies in the fact that Ibogaine is the only means of all known in the treatment of addiction problems that allows patients, being in a state of special hypnotic trance, to understand the underlying causes of drug / alcohol use, to relive all the negative emotional moments associated with taking a drug substance, go through the path of psychological cleansing, see the possibility of a sober life and thereby leave the drugs forever.

The Psychoactive Effects of Ibogaine

Subjective sensations from taking Ibogaine are divided into two phases: the phase of bright visual hallucinations and the phase of internal experiences

The phase of hallucinations is characterized by the alternation of dream-like visions both with open and closed eyes. Items acquire curved, bizarre shapes, they can move around, leaving a mark, they change color and texture. When the eyes are closed, hallucinations are particularly detailed in clear geometric shapes. Typically, patients talk about their experiences as watching a movie (or movie fragments) from their past lives, interspersed with pictures from the present life and visions of the expected future. Other effects in the phase of hallucinations may include frightening moments or, conversely, a feeling of euphoria. Hallucinations usually last from one hour to four hours, after which the phase of introspective (internal) experiences begins.

Ibogaine evokes and enhances memories of a past life in the form of dream-like visions, leaving the patient in a state where he is fully aware of the changes that are taking place and reevaluating the past, looking for ways to solve existing problems and seeing himself and loved ones in a new life.

In this phase, as a rule, patients talk about an improved mood, a sense of inner comfort, clarity of solving painful problems, and emotional purity. The duration of the introspective phase can vary from several hours to several days.

Side Effects of Ibogaine

One of the first noticeable side effects of Ibogaine is ataxia, difficulty in movement due to muscular discoordination. Dry mouth, nausea, vomiting may be present. Side effects vary in duration and intensity. Usually, their duration does not exceed 4-6 hours.