How Iboga have changed my life

How Iboga have changed my life

Hello Iboga World and Michelle. It’s so amazing how Iboga have changed mine
It is hardly to believe, but it’s a fact, and I have to say I have a life now
because of you all at Iboga World.
For the past 24 years, I was a Heroin addict (I am 48 now) and living as
a Heroin addict is hard. But even I always knew that the heroin destroyed me
and my life I had years and years ago I never had the change or the strain t
to get rid of it.
Lost almost all my friends, and only had some addict friends but that was
not what I needed.
So then one day a couple of months ago I contacted you Iboga World and Michelle, she answered my first mail and my second and my third, there
she asked me if she could call me on the phone to discuss with me what iboga
could do for me.
She answered all my questions even the ones I did not ask, Michelle you are
really great. Then I ordered the Iboga products for my treatment, and I have
to say I wash also impressed how soon the Courier wash at my doorstep. So
then I have called my sitter and said the iboga was arrived and if we could
start the treatment as soon as she had the time. That was 2 days later. I
have undergone the treatment and 3 days later I was reborn and felt like I
never had felt before.
Now these days I have a good life a job and most of all a reason to life
I really don’t know how I can Thank You all at Iboga World. I say it again
it’s because of you that I have a life. I hope this story will help other
addicts to get in contact with Iboga World and to start getting their life
back. Michelle specially you, you are always in my thoughts, without you i
never had the change to life again. I hope you will spread this story to
your customers or post it on your website. Iboga World rocks.

Lovely greetings

Ricardo Taylor

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How Iboga have changed my life

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