Cocaine addiction is a serious issue that may cause short-term & long-term adverse, even irreversible effects on the body. The Effects of Crack Cocaine Addiction can be felt by everyone, not only the user, but also the surrounding people.


The powerfully addictive stimulant affects the whole body, from the brain, the heart, lungs, & the whole central nervous system. Whether it is snorted in powder form or smoked, the effects can be felt very immediately. Short-term effects for cocaine use include:


Increased Energy


 Decreased Appetite


Increased Body Temperature


 Increased Heart Rate


 Increased Blood Pressure


 Dilated Pupils




While the large majority of short-term effects don’t appear all that bad (who would not need more energy & mental clarity, with a job that requires long hours) but, due to the nature of the drug, these short-term effects only last as long as the high itself – they wear off quickly, making the user need to continue using repeatedly which can lead to addiction.


 Anxiety (in some users)


Long-term effects of cocaine use can be felt by both those who use periodically & recreation-ally. Because the drug interferes with the way dopamine is absorbed by the brain, those who use the drug will have increasing urges to make use of it again. Continuous use can lead to the following long-term effects:


 Paranoia & Mental Disturbances


 Mood Swings










Both short-term & long-term use of Cocaine has consequential effects on the body, including:


 Chest Pain


 Irregular Heartbeat & even Heart Assault




 Respiratory Illnesses & Failure






 Digestive Illnesses


Abdominal Pain from Decreased Blood Flow to the Digestive Tract




Increased Blood Pressure


Mal’s nourishment due to decrease Appetite




As you can see, the short term & long-term effects may cause permanent, irreversible, & deadly consequences on the body, making it imperative that those suffering from cocaine addictions get help immediately. The Effects of Cocaine Addiction Withdrawal can be even more extreme than the addiction itself, which means medical supervision may be necessary to make the change positive for you or for your love to detox safely.


Enrolling in a Cocaine Addiction Treatment & Rehabilitation Program could mean the difference between having a life worth living & feeling powerless to a drug, or even worse – life or death.

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