Cocaine Dependency

Cocaine Dependency

Cocaine Dependency

Cocaine Today

In the world of recreational drug use nowadays, cocaine is on the staples. Men and women of all classes and all societies use this substance in one form or another. It’s well known for being abused by Hollywood celebrities, like Lindsay Lohan and Robert Downy Jr.

Cocaine is generally ingested in a variety of ways: it can be ingested, snorted, injected, used as a suppository, and so on. Depending on how a person takes it, the level of intensity varies. And despite being one of the few substances that is for the most part universally outlawed in developed countries around the world, cocaine continues to be one of the more accessible. The estimated current consumption of cocaine in the world is six-hundred metric tons annually, with the US consuming around three hundred of those metric tons, around 50%.

Cocaine Addiction and Effects

Cocaine persists the shortest period of time in the body of the more addictive substances on the market. Depending on its level of purity and in what way it’s ingested, the euphoric effect may last as little as a couple of minutes and as long as couple of hours. This makes it no less addictive.

Due to the shorter euphoric period of cocaine the withdrawal effects kick in more quickly than other drugs and for that reason addicts consume it at higher rates. Now, cocaine isn’t as hard on the system as other drugs – meth, for example – per a milligram of ingestion, but addicts consume it at larger quantities as compared to other drugs, rendering it in the end just as harmful to the body. It’s easy to grow an addiction to cocaine too, and that’s why it’s regarded as one of the more dangerous substances around.

How Ibogaine Will Help You Defeat Your Cocaine Addiction

Traditional drug rehab facilities only have a 1-4% rate of success in getting rid of cocaine addictions and can cost you tens of thousands of dollars and months of time, while methadone and Suboxone detoxification treatments only substitute one addiction for another, provided that they work at all. Ibogaine has been shown to have a 70% success rate for drug addiction and substance abuse, particularly with cocaine. In as little as one thirty-six hour treatment, Ibogaine can help you beat your cocaine addiction, saving you those tens of thousands and those months of time.

Where You Can Get Ibogaine Treatment for Cocaine Addiction

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