Discover What is Ibogaine

What is Ibogaine?

Discover What is Ibogaine

What is Ibogaine?

Many people wonder what is Ibogaine. Ibogaine is an active organic chemical from the Tabernanthe Iboga plant found in Central Africa. Its anti-addictive qualities have been recognized for a long time by the international  medical community, however little consideration had been given until now. With the increase in opiate addiction, in particular Oxycontin, there is a need for treatment options that are not simply substitution therapy (Suboxone), but a genuine remedy to the addiction.

Doctor Claudio Naranjo was the first one to research Ibogaine for clinical effects. He had research what is Ibogaine and asked how can he use it in psychotherapy. In the 1960s, Naranjo conducted a number of case studies for psychotherapy applications where he discovered that Ibogaine was effective in treating emotional disorders. This was credited to Ibogaine’s ability to access repressed memories. Naranjo discovered that Ibogaine permitted his subjects to view their experiences with an open mind, which allowed them to deal with emotional issues that had been formerly unapproachable. Ibogaine treatment permits memories to be relived without worrying about the psychological weight these people had when the situations happened, allowing the person to view them with better understanding. Patients report it is similar to watch a film of all the important incidents in life, but with the ability to control the experience by both the patient and the professional. This is useful in both drug treatment and regular psychiatric therapy. Around the same time Dr. Naranjo was performing his experiments, Ibogaine’s anti-addictive qualities were discovered.

Who Discovered Ibogaine’s Use for Stopping Addiction?

In 1962, Howard Lotsof was addicted to heroin. He tried ibogaine that a chemist had given him, wanting to trip for a couple of days. He woke the next day with the surprising revelation that he no longer wanted heroin, and he could stay drug free after. Although Lotsof wasn’t a doctor, nor a clinical researcher, his experience with Ibogaine led him to explore truth about what is ibogaine.

During the next year, Lotsof conducted a number of non-clinical studies under the guise of  S & L Laboratories. This allowed him to find ibogaine for sale without legal issues. At the time, psychedelics were not controlled, and were accessible to anybody who started their own chemical enterprise. Between 1962 and 1963, Lotsof provided ibogaine to 20 people at a variety of doses. The results of this non clinical experiment was that seven of the heroin dependent users mentioned the elimination of withdrawal and cravings following the ibogaine session.  5 of those 7 people were able to avoid heroin for six months or longer.

Recent Ibogaine Research and Legal Status

Now, over 40 years later Ibogaine is still a schedule I narcotic in America significantly restricting the medical research. There was a study carried out by the NIDA in the the ’90s but they terminated the study siting safety concerns. Still, there are scientific studies in other nations along with anecdotal proof that shows the life changing benefit of Ibogaine to treat drug addiction.

Whereas Ibogaine gets rid of withdrawal, and can be an aid to getting back to a pre-addictive mind-set, there are more keys which play a role in dependency and will have to be addressed if lasting abstinence is to be realized. The benefit of Ibogaine treatment is that it provides the former addict time for you to create the required environmental and psychological changes.

Ibogaine has the potential to save numerous lives if administered correctly. 

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