Discover the Truth About Ibogaine Treatment Centers

Discover the Truth About Ibogaine Treatment Centers

Discover the Truth About Ibogaine Treatment Centers

Ibogaine Treatment Centers have been around for many years, treating opiate addictions such as heroin and Oxycontin addiction,  cocaine addiction, methamphetamine addiction, and other drug addictions. The episode of Law and Order that featured the use of Ibogaine to cure a heroin addict was very popular and more people than ever are wondering “what are Ibogaine Treatment Centers? How does Ibogaine work? Is it safe? And can it help me or a loved one who is struggling with addiction?”

What Are Ibogaine Treatment Centers?

Ibogaine treatment centers are clinics located throughout the world that treat various conditions and addictions.  They use Ibogaine which comes from a root that is found in a plant native to Africa.  Ibogaine treatment has been found to help people dealing with chronic depression due to repressed traumatic events, but the most conclusive research has been done in the area of addiction.  Ibogaine Treatment Centers often can boast a more than 70% success rate as compared to the normal 1-4% success rate of traditional drug rehabs.

The problem with these figures is the base success on the person staying clean for 6 months.  Where a 70% success rate for 6 months is incredible especially with Oxycontin, most Ibogaine treatment centers fall short on promoting adequate aftercare which essentially sets the patient up for failure after 6 months.

We are one of the few facilities that require an aftercare program to be in place for the patients to return home. Our staff will work with you to find good programs in your community, and will strongly encourage you to sever all contact with any environmental triggers or friends that contribute either directly to your addiction or indirectly by adding stress.

Our Ibogaine Treatment Center is the only Ibogaine Treatment Center that has a mission statement that clearly says “True Success Lasts a Lifetime”

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Due to the classification of Ibogaine as a hallucinogen, Ibogaine Treatment Centers may not operate in the US, and American addicts must travel to legally receive treatment.

How Does Ibogaine Work?

When a patient arrives at the clinic there is sometimes a period of waiting for pre-withdrawal symptoms.  Once the symptoms are present, the correct dose of medicine based on several factors such as weight and metabolism is given. As the Ibogaine breaks down in the liver it becomes nor-ibogaine and begins to block withdrawal.  The medicine works on the receptors in the brain that trigger both cravings and withdrawals. During the treatment, the patient experiences no opiate withdrawal symptoms at all. The ibogaine continues to block cravings for about six months after leaving the ibogaine treatment centers, allowing the drug addict time to recreate their life

Research has been limited in the United States due to the legal status, but one study about the effect of ibogaine in cases of heroin addiction in the 1990s was very promising before it was shut down. Other European and Central American studies have been fairly consistent with the anecdotal evidence from Ibogaine treatment centers and agree that ibogaine gives the patient about 6 months to create positive habits.ibogaine treatment centers

Researchers have attempted to recreate the anti-addictive properties of Ibogaine while removing the hallucinogenic elements.  The results were not as hoped. Relapse was much higher for those given the altered version.   It is believed that the psycho-therapeutic value of medicine is underestimated. Patients usually report a period of “lucid dreams”, where they can view significant, often repressed events in their life as if they are watching a movie.  By bringing these issues out of the subconscious, they can either let them go or use the knowledge to help with counseling during aftercare.

Detoxing is one of the few Ibogaine Treatment Centers to have a licensed Medical Doctor on-site to create, monitor and supervise the patients’ treatment. We also have administrators that will help plan the aftercare and will help the patient deal with any repressed trauma that may surface during treatment.

Is Ibogaine Treatment Safe?

The biggest question most people have is, “Is Ibogaine safe?”

The honest answer is, “It depends on”.

People with certain heart and liver conditions should not use Ibogaine under any circumstances. Excessively thin or excessively overweight people could have issues with treatment. Yet, most patients report no significant negative side effects. That being said, it is important that the patient undergoes medical screening before treatment.

Most Ibogaine treatment centers require an EKG and a liver panel before treatment.  Avoid treatment centers that do not.

Beware: Many ibogaine centers require an EKG and Liver panel only for appearance’ sake and do not have medical staff review the results. Before going to any ibogaine treatment center asks the provider to send a copy of the medical license. Then follow up to make sure they were not fabricated.

As stated earlier,  Detoxing is one of the few Ibogaine Treatment Centers with an MD on-site that is involved in all aspects of the treatment.

Can Ibogaine Treatment Centers Help My Drug Addiction (Oxycontin, Heroin, Painkillers, Cocaine, methamphetamine)?

If you are battling an addiction to Oxycontin, heroin, painkillers, cocaine or methamphetamine than ibogaine treatment could be just what you need.  Traditional rehabs just can’t compare.

For more information on how Detoxing Ibogaine Treatment can set you FREE or if you just want to know what questions you should ask when looking at different Ibogaine treatment centers call 888-311-1606.