Iboga World Disclaimer

Disclaimer Iboga World

Iboga World specializes in providing HIGH-QUALITY products Iboga.

Please note: As a supplier of Iboga products, we are unable to answer any medical questions. However, we can provide treatment dosages and information, and also be able to answer all questions regarding Iboga. The use and application of our products, based on the historical and scientific background on this website is at full responsibility of the customer.

We recommend that the patient stops eating for at least 20 – 24 hours before ingesting the Iboga. Before taking a full dose, a test dose is recommended to avoid any possible allergic reactions.

Please ensure that you have a sober person present for the treatment for at least the first 24 hours of the treatment so that they can watch over you as well as record your experience. During the dream state you will not be able to go to the toilet independently.


Iboga, Ibogaine or any other form of Iboga may NOT be used with any other form of medicine. Combining Iboga with any other form of medicine may potentially have very dangerous consequences, or may be resulting in death.

Despite the great potential that Ibogaine offers in dealing with various problems, please note that it is possible that Ibogaine may not be suitable for everyone. It is important that a.) The patient is in good health; b.) The patient has motivation to do the treatment and c.) That the environment the patient returns to is sound. Ibogaine may break the addiction, but it is not a panacea.

One should also consider that an Ibogaine is a very intense treatment. Before you decide to have an Ibogaine treatment, it is important that your health should be examined by a registered doctor. Heart and liver problems or low blood pressure is a contraindication.

When you treat Iboga with respect, and the right motivation to act, it will reward you with a deep insight into your life, and it will only make your life spiritually richer.

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