Oxycontin Detox Ibogaine Treatment

Oxycontin Detox Ibogaine Treatment

Oxycontin Detox Ibogaine Treatment

During the past few years Oxycontin, a powerful narcotic pain reliever, has become one of the most widely used pain management medications in medical history.

Although it was initially developed in 1995 primarily as a pain reliever for terminal cancer treatment, doctors soon began to prescribe it for many other conditions.

Oxycontin is currently used to treat numerous pain issues, including short-term pain related to minor injuries and post surgery.

It is also used to treat chronic pain that has proven resistant to other types of medical pain management. Although it is effective in pain treatment, Oxycontin is also highly addictive.

The drug is formulated to release medication at a slow, steady rate, and each pill contains a large quantity of the opioid drug oxycodone.

This has also made it attractive for addicts and easier to abuse, leading to Oxycontin becoming one of the most commonly abused prescription medications. The prevalence of Oxycontin abuse, particularly in the northeastern United States, has led to it being dubbed Hillbilly Heroin.

Although numbers vary and it is difficult to assess with real accuracy, officials believe there may be as many as 100,000 Oxycontin addicts in the United States alone in any given year.

Individuals with a long-term addiction to this narcotic will experience severe withdrawal symptoms that are similar to the worst flu imaginable within only 6 hours of ingestion.

Many soon find that Oxycontin addiction is in complete control of their lives.

If Oxycontin addiction is ruling your life, now is the time to get help to start getting clean. We can help those who are trapped in the cycle of addiction to Oxy to regain control of their lives.

Our professional staff is knowledgeable and have experience in Ibogaine treatment of Oxy addiction.

We know how difficult it can be to seek help, go through the detox process to get clean, and then stay clean.

Most addicts desperately want to be free of Oxy addiction, but the terrible withdrawal symptoms scare them.

Physical withdrawal symptoms can include severe joint and muscle pain, nausea and vomiting, and abdominal cramps. Irrational fears, anxiety, agitation, and insomnia are also common.

Iboga World innovative Ibogaine detoxification is a product to help patients get through the detox process without experiencing any of the uncomfortable and painful withdrawal symptoms that are normally associated with detox from Oxycontin.

Ibogaine treatment is designed for each patient based on his or her drug addiction, considering medical history and any current medical conditions.

The Ibogaine treatment helps patients get through the detoxification process in a straightforward and safe manner, allowing them to get clean as quickly as possible in a comfortable and professional environment.

Not only will this Ibogaine treatment cleanse the patient’s body of any physical need for Oxycontin, it also helps to erase drug cravings from the brain’s pleasure centers.


You no longer experience the physical and emotional need for Oxycontin that has been controlling your life.

Ibogaine Drug Treatment for Oxycontin Detox

If you wish to defeat your addiction once and for all, Contact Iboga World for information on beating your Oxycontin dependence.