Methadone Detox Treatment

Methadone Detox Treatment

Methadone Detox Treatment

Ibogaine from Iboga World can cure methadone detox immediately

For over thirty years, methadone has been the top choice in treatment for heroin addiction. Methadone tablets are given to patients to curb the urge to use of heroin by providing a mild high and satisfying the cravings for the actual drug.

The problem with methadone replacement therapy tends to be that a high percentage of addicts simply replace one addiction for another, and therefore become just as addicted to the methadone as they were to the heroin.

The result tends to be the addict’s need to kick their methadone habit, which can be frustrating to say the least, and unfortunately, a variety of patients will find themselves craving heroin again and continuing on with the vicious cycle of addiction.

Good news is that there is an alternative treatment to methadone that yields extremely positive results.

Iboga World is aware that methadone addiction is highly dangerous and actually has more withdrawal symptoms than heroin.

Ibogaine is experienced in the treatment of methadone addiction, and understand that individuals that have become addicted to this replacement therapy are in an extremely vulnerable state.

The extent of our knowledge and research has allowed us to develop a highly innovative treatment for methadone addicts that allow them a safe detox process where they will avoid the many withdrawal symptoms such as loss of nutrients, hypersensitivity, severe muscle aches and cramping, insomnia, agitation, and anxiety.

Our innovative Ibogaine products works by treating both the physical and mental addiction to methadone and heroin, so the addict can move forward in recovery and not become lost in the cycle of methadone dependency.

Our treatments are administered in a calm and peaceful environment where our patients receive round the clock care.

The way the Ibogaine treatment works is by reorganizing the dopamine uptake pathways that are present in the brain. These pathways become disturbed when an individual is using methadone, and our treatment restores the neural pathways to where they are functioning normally again.

When the brain is operating correctly, patients can understand their addiction without the obsessional thinking that accompanies addiction.

While there are various treatment programs available for addicts that are designed to detoxify the body, many times the emotional part of addiction can be overlooked.

In order for a treatment to be successful, both the physical and emotional addiction need to be considered.

An addictive mind can be very irrational, and methadone only adds to this type of irrational thinking. When our patients undergo Ibogaine treatment, they are not only ridding their body of methadone, they are fully freeing their minds from addictive thinking.

Patients can finally understand the root cause of their illness and work towards recovery in a healthy and positive way.


Once the body and mind are in balance with one another, the patient has an incredible chance of complete recovery and will be able to move towards a positive and healthy future that is free from the pain of addiction.

Ibogaine Methadone Detox Treatment

If you wish to defeat your addiction once and for all, Contact Iboga World for information on beating your Methadone dependence.