Cocaine Detox Treatment

Cocaine Detox Treatment

Cocaine Detox Treatment

The Ibogaine detox process used by Ibogaine helps patients cleanse their bodies of the driving need of cocaine while eliminating future cravings for the drug.

The Ibogaine treatment iboga products provide is the fastest, easiest, and most comfortable detoxification process for cocaine available.

Because prolonged cocaine use is extremely harmful to both, our Ibogaine treatments are specifically designed for each individual and targeted towards the pleasure centers of the brain responsible for providing the “high” cocaine supplies as well as the nagging cravings for the drug after the effects of it have worn off.

Ibogaine works by reorganizing the dopamine uptake pathways of the brain which have become disorganized and disjointed because of the effect of prolonged cocaine use into pathways and systematic routes which enable the brain to function normally again.

Once these pathways have been rerouted, patients can see their addiction for what it truly is, and begin to understand and work through what caused them to become addicted in the first place.

Once the body has cleansed itself of the physical need for cocaine, patients can begin to do the hard work of recovery: Identifying their psychological issues and beginning to acquire the tools they need to manage their life’s difficulties properly instead of depending on substances to get them through life’s hard times.

After detox, patients work closely with our professional counselors, who have experience working with individuals that have cocaine addiction.


They are acutely aware of the issues facing former cocaine addicts, and can work with our patients to prepare them for their new lives by teaching them the skills they need to understand the underlying root of their addiction and then how to best cope with those conditions when confronted with them in the future.

Ibogaine Cocaine Detox Treatment

If you wish to defeat your addiction once and for all, Contact Iboga World for information on beating your Cocaine dependence.