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Living with Fibromyalgia

Living with Fibromyalgia

First of I want to say thank you for reading my story about Living with Fibromyalgia

I am an 37 years old men living in the Netherlands. Since I was 16 years old my health wash in a spiral down, I have visited 4 different hospitals, for pain complaints. Than I have followed months and months of all kind of therapy’s. Physiotherapy, physiofitness, Cesar therapy for chronic pain disease. Chiropractic, and Manuel therapy. I have also had a lot of different medicines. All of these didn`t work. And every day I have to life with lots of pain on all kind off different places in my body.

After years of trying everything and still going to my work the time had come that I couldn’t t work anymore. I lost my Job, and I need to contact a psychiatrist, I was manic depressive and also consulted adhd. So there was another medicine treatment with all kind off depression medicine and adhd medicine.

For my pain from the Fibromyalgia all the medicines had no effect. And there were times it was so dark in my thoughts, so I kept thinking it would be better to die. Than my problems were solved. Well with de depression medicine and weekly sessions with my psychiatrist and adhd coach the thoughts off better being dead disappear.

That gave me some trust back and I decided not to accept that I have to live with the Fibromyalgia pain all my life. The doctors always say, learn to life with it because we can`t heal it. So I started searching on Google. I found some very interesting stories about patient who has fibromyalgia where health from their pain with the use ibogaine.

So I get a little more fait, and I kept thinking would it be true? Would ibogaine help me? Would it stop the daily pains? Well if it only could degrease the pain with 50% than I would be very happy also. So I contacted Iboga World. I have spoken with Michelle. I have told here my whole story. She really took all the time to listen and to talk with me.

We have worked out a Iboga Treatment, which I have undergo. And within 3 days I was feeling much much better. In the weeks that followed all my pain disappeared. I feel good and have lots of energy. I started to go to the gym 3 times a week. So in my case after living long long time with lots of pain and depression I found a miracle medicine, Ibogaine.

So maybe you are living with fibromyalgia and have daily pain, my advice would be contact Michelle from Iboga World. Talk with here and I hope you will get just a great life as mine. I thank Michelle from Iboga World with all my heart.


Mr. Jos K from the Netherlands

Stop Addicitions with Ibogaine

Stop Addicitons with Ibogaine


An addiction is trapped in the receptors of your brain. So it is a way to beat an addiciton is to clean the receptors or in other words heal the receptors in your brain and your addiction will be gone. So for what kind Addictions would this work? Well any kind of addiction. Below sorted out some examples of addicitons that can be cured with Ibogaine.


Alcohol addiction

Opioid addiction

Sedative hypnotic addiction

Benzodiazepine addiction

Barbiturate addiction

Cocaine addiction

Cannabis addiction

Amphetamine addiction (or amphetamine-like)

Hallucinogen addiction

Inhalant addiction

Polysubstance addiction

Phencyclidine (or phencyclidine-like) addiction

Other substance addiction

Nicotine addiction

If you have any questions or any concerns about like iboga can help you te break your addiction, then please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you and answer all your questions. Together we can work out a plan to guide to a addiction free life. So don`t hesitate and contact us now.

Methadone Addiction

English: Methadone structure, animation

Hi guys , i am Hank and i am 36 years old and i was addicted on methadone the past 8 years. I was using methadone daily and needed a minimal of 125 mg/d. I have a good job and i can pay for the methadone so that was no problem, after getting sicker and sicker along the way and loosing grip of my life and my work, also relationships i decided it was time to get rid of the methadone addiction. But i realized that it would be the hartest battle of my life. Getting clean and staying clean. A long way to go. Than i heard about Ibogaine, so i started to read on the internet about ibogaine. Surprisingly there where a lot of people having used ibogaine one single treatment and are clean for years now. So that when i decided i wante d that, getting clean with ibogaine. Than i found Iboga World and i started getting contact with Michelle from Iboga World. So whe have talked about my addiction and how much ibogaine i needed and how the process of getting clean from methadone would be. I have done the treatment with ibogaine in my own house with a very very good friend stayed with me a long the way. And than it happened, the first day after 8 years i not needed methadone. It was and still is a amazing experience. I am now clean and undepended of methadone for 7 months. I am happy and everything is going well. Michelle thank you. I hope a lot of people who have some kind of addiction are going to contact you, so you can help them also. Thank you and a lot of love.


Help need with drug addiction

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Help with drug addiction

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Beating drug addiction

Beating the fight with drug addiction can now be a reality thanks to Ibogaine.


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Treating claws

Treating claws

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Living free of drugs

Ibogaine showed me that you are not living until you are free of drugs.

With the help of iboga you can stop being a Slave off your Addictions.

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