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Iboga has changed my whole body. I had stopped with eating for 48
hours before I started and this was perfect. Just drank water and
soimilk and had a few yoguhrts.
In the starting phase I felt asleep and got up totally fit- I thought
the trip does not come, cause >I felt so wake and clear.
Then I got up and took my last 4-5 puffs of smoke ( I wass so confused)
and then Rock n Roll:-)
vibrations in all kind of styles:-) This was so awasome AND THEY FELT
SO FAMILAR to me. Iboga cleared my patters of behaviour and I volmated
more then 100 times in 36 hours. I felt how iboga cleaned my liver and
I had to volmate out the whole fats and toxics.
Thank you, Iboga World and Iboga so much.
I change now every small shit in my life and even if it is to do not
read consume advertisment.

michelle!!!! uv done it for me!!!

michelle!!!! uv done it for me!!! i owe you people my life and i cannot thank u enough for every single thing uv done for me along the way. i am coming back to amsterdam its been 17 yrs but i am coming to meet all of you you truly saved my life. 7 days ago i was banging a gram of heroin a day and today i am free as a little birdie and i o it all to you all. u never have to worry about me busting you all to the enemy. id do time for you people ur saving valuable lives every day you are alive and i will be forever endebted. from the bottom of my heart u r my friend and if u r ever anywhere near where I live, u have a free place to stay as long as u can stand me!! i love you and feel totally free to post this on  your site i want the world to know about ibogaine bcz everyone EVERYONE NEEDS TO DO THIS. THIS PLANT DESERVES MAD RESPECT. all my love and eternal gratitude,. former opiate addict for 11 years saved by ibogaine and ibogaworld. rock on!!!!!!!!!!! Holly

Hello Michelle it’s George

Hello Michelle it’s George

my life is going so good since i did the prolonged flood that at some points i had to wonder if i had died and got creeped out until i realized that even if this is an afterlife everyone i love is here and it just keeps getting better and it aint much different in terms of the physical that i inhabited before this theorized death if that makes sense lol

in the best health of my entire life and only getting better

my life outside my house is blossoming well and have gained some local widespread popularity as a street musician.



thank you so much for all of your help.

I’ll be needing more The product worked better than anything I have taken.

I didn’t even throw up. Well 12 hours later but who counts that. That could be PAWS.

I never used the extract but I took all 2 grams of the HCL.  Beautiful.




Testimonial 22-03-2009


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Thanx Iboga World , that was a very fast response. It makes me feel good to know that I will be working with people like you from now on. Things have been so “up in the air” in the Ibo world up until now. Like I told , I think we will help a lot of people, you and I.



Hello Iboga World
I am impress at the smell and appearance of your product as well as the
fast shipping time.
Thanks again for such a great service.

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Iboga is truly the tree of life.  It is a shame it is not available in every country.  Iboga is nothing close to heroin, cocaine or LSD.  It is a miracle drug to say the least.  It has been a tough recovery post flush (6-18) but I have ZERO cravings for cigarettes, caffeine, opiates or sugar.  I experienced no withdrawal symptoms from the opiates either.


The visions I witnessed were simply amazing!


Just thought I would let you know that Iboga has helped yet another person in desperate need.


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Good morning and thank you .
I look forward to doing business with you again.
I am going to be placing another order when i get my paycheck.
i will talk to you again then.
i will also send new customers your way also.
thanks for all you do – and you do a good thing for people.
god is smiling down on you all.
sincerly ,

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