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Iboga World Testimonial Michael

Michelle & The Iboga World Team, Thanks again for everything and I just wanted to say that I'm so happy to say I can wake up without cravings and have begun turning my life around basically immediately. I did ibogaine once in mexico but it was a much smaller dose and getting a higher dose and the full experience helped so much. I can't express how grateful I am for you guys. You are doing a wonderful service and coming from a habit of heroin, a half gram a day, to the next day not feeling any negative effects is unbelievable and I owe it all to you guys. Without you it would have either cost of fortune or wouldn't have been possible and I could have been doomed to a life of addiction. So thanks again and best wishes. Michael
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Iboga Treatment

It’s been four days since my Iboga TA flood dose and I still feel fairly fatigued. Fuck, it pulls the energy out of every cell in the body. I went on a long walk yesterday and felt like I could fall asleep during my walk. My appetite is coming back and I am having my first cup of coffee. The Iboga TA is very strong. After taking only a 400 mg taster dose in strawberry yoghurt around pm on Thursday night, my senses were heightened after 30 minutes and I felt the effects of ataxia and at one point thought I wouldn’t be able to walk, although I managed okay. Soon enough, I was having a conversation with Jay and forgetting what I was saying seconds later. My voice sounded louder. The right words were coming out but I couldn’t concentrate on our conversation. I knew it was time for bed. Earlier in the day I went for a flotation session and I think the long drive home stressed me out. Anyhow, after walking to my bedroom, nausea hit me hard and I vomited. Iboga is very bitter and it also smells fowl. I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat the reminder grams in powder form so I encapsulated them. Eventually, after vomiting a second time, I knew it was time for the final dose. This was taken an hour and a half past the 400 mg. It’s best to stay in the darkness as the lights hurt the…
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You Guys are great

Hello good day, I wanted to say thank you to you and your staff for being so helpful and for taking the time to fill my order and all the information. you guys are great, thank you to you my friend and your staff everything was so easy and your feedback with shipping was awesome I greatly appreciate everything no hassles at all, quick shipping! Thanks again I'm very happy! Steve P
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My Iboga Experience

My Iboga Experience   Hello Iboga World and members, here is my Iboga Experience i want to share with you all. First of all i will never forget this experience. I totally had no clue if it was possible to get rid of my addiction. I found some Iboga suppliers online en decided to contact 3 of them. Just as little as an hour after i contacted Iboga World they sended me back an email. They asked me what my purposes where to use the Ibogaine for. They helped me a lond the way of getting information, placing the right order with the Iboga products i needed to do my treatment. I have done the treatment last month and i have to say it wash a very nice experience for me. I had totally no withdrawls and had good insight feelings and dreams. From that moment i realised why i started using drugs, and that it absolutly was not the way to resolve any problems with drugs. Now i haven`t used any kind of drugs from 11-08-2012 and i now for sure i will never use it again. So i can tell you these people at Iboga World now what they are doing and are here for only one reason, helping as much addicted people as they can. I my lord what have they helped me. Now my life is starting for real. Michelle and other staff i will never forget you. Lovely blessings Stuart
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