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This site is dedicated to the almighty Tabernanthe plant called iboga (family – Apocynaceae (secret)).

The Iboga plant

Iboga – is a perennial rainforest bush endemic in West-Central Africa (Gabon, Cameroon, Congo). Iboga usually grows to a height of two meters, but given the right circumstances could grow into a small tree height of 10 meters. There are few green leaves 9-10 cm long and 3 cm. Sometimes it is possibly one of the larger plants to reach the leaves grow to 21 cm long and 7 cm. View Iboga flowers are tubular and white and yellow and orange fruits and can be an oval and oblong or spherical shape with 20 to 30 small brown seeds.

Bwiti religion

Iboga has a central role in the African Bwiti religious cult. Bwiti followers are mostly based in Gabon, Cameroon, Congo and other countries in West and Central Africa. Iboga Bwiti used in a number of rituals. The root bark of Iboga used by young members of the Bwiti during initiation ceremonies. Moreover, Iboga is used conventionally dance ritual that usually takes place at night.

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