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Taking Iboga is a most challenging experience

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I have to thank Michelle and Iboga World for doing, with competence and courage, this amazing job: making Iboga abvailable to everyone.
Everyone can have a deep spiritual experience and acquire life changing awarenesses.
Taking Iboga is a most challenging experience but a most rewarding one, a real turning point experience.
It heals deeply and slowly but surely.
In comparison with Ayahuasca, a great Master Plant, we could say: “Ayahuasca gives helps, substancial helps. Iboga heals.”
I am very grateful and honoured to get in touch with this Spirit. I might not repeat the session, but I surely will take some microdoses to continue with the learning and the healing in some intensive way.
After two months, I still feel connected with the Spirit and I will always be.

Medicine for changing my life

Michelle i want to say thank you so much.
It went well. I will definitely recommend you and your site.
You have been so helpful to me and so many others.
You are truly an amazing human being.
Thank you so much.
And such a great thanks to this wonderful medicine for changing my life.
it lasted approximately 4 hours. But it took me about 2 days for the Iboga to leave my system.
There were some very powerful visions. One where I met the Buddha, who instructed me to live life to the fullest,
to never lie, to always be kind to others, to be patient and understanding, and to be driven in a vision to make people happy.

although the iboga was physically draining, emotionally it was a great experience.
It changed my life. You changed my life.
You are a saint.