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Hi Michelle.

I bought some Iboga from you last year but have only just completed my journey this weekend.  I was looking for spiritual enlightenment and my purpose in life and the lessons I got were extremely detailed and very vivid. I was shown something called “The Plan of Life” which explained everything about why we are here, what we need to do and how we can grow.  What I learned in 24 hours I can fill in two books!  I am thinking of writing a book on this because I believe it’s something everyone should experience, it gives you a complete understanding of everything.  I have no fears or phobias anymore. I have no routines or habits, I can choose to do what I want, I am a blank canvass waiting to be drawn upon,


Iboga Treatment

I took 2,4 TA per your directions and started tripping after about 45 minutes. My heartbeat was fast, I started hearing didgeridoos/drums and got some random memories. My body started feeling very heavy and ultra-sensitive, every little movement felt very big. I’m going through different slices of memories, little clips. I see tunnels, people’s faces, my grandparents’ house. I get to see 5 different situations where I’m a ‘miss know it all’, that got the message across ;-). I see my spiritual master floating by and he has a very mischievous smile on his face, I can feel so much joy radiating from him and when he is almost out of side he winks at me. I start laughing and laughing…my body is moving and i have to stop, my heartbeat is super-fast because of the movement but I feel good. Within the laughing I felt myself, my essence, my inner pure child. I see creativity, endless creativity, endless possibilities of endless combinations, just an enormous output of creation, all the different animals and it looks like a fountain of colorful stuff just pouring and pouring…it’s the nature of the universe.

At one point my friend comes in to check on me and she says: “your mother is here”. I get totally confused and expect my mother to turn her head around the door. (my mother is 81 and has not been in my place because I live on the 3th floor and she can’t walk up the stairs). I really thought she was there and I thought, shit, this is not a good moment for her to visit me. It took a long time to realize my friend meant her mothering role.
At one point (after few hours) I move my hand and open my eyes a bit. A gecko jumps on my forearm. I look at it and wonder where it came from, it looks very real, I have my eyes open and see the wall of my bedroom and the gecko and I think how weird, never knew I have geckos in this house.

During the whole time I am aware and can rest in this awareness and enjoy the ride. I’m very aware also of my intention to heal and keep my focus on it.

After about 5 hours I suddenly feel some discomfort in my gut, I throw up very easy and just keep tripping. I vomit twice more over the next couple of hours.

At one point the tripping kind of stops and it becomes empty. I’m resting in this emptiness. It takes forever. I wonder at some point when the next phase will kick in. I feel more and more clear and empty. It gets a bit boring. I want more and invite more. Nothing. At one point I must have fallen asleep.

Next day I get up, I’m still having major difficulty with walking but feel clear in my head. I go for a pee and back to bed for a few hours. Then I get up again and stay up. I’m very thirsty. I still feel a little but am out of the trip. This is about 20 hours after I took my first dose. I’m wondering why it’s so quick. Now, 55 hours after the first dose, I feel totally normal.
My feet feel very grounded, i feel good.

Thanks again for your support!

Working with this beautiful spirit in my life


Thank you for making this possible!
You guys are awesome!

I am very happy with your customer service and delivery of the product.

Your source is good quality, much gratitude to you and the Iboga World team. You are all a blessing =.)

I know I will be working with this beautiful spirit in my life, so I look forward to my future journeys when the time is right.

With Love & Light,